The Jumper X68T Micro quad is the perfect companion for your T8SG. Small in size yet big on fun the X68T is easy to fly and makes for the perfect beginners drone or an indoor FPV racer for more experienced pilots. No tricky computer software to setup with the X68T simply charge the battery and bind it to your T8SG to be in the air flying like a pro in minutes.

How to Bind the T8SG ans x68T.

1. Setup a new model on the T8SG and select the multirotor model type then the “Bayang” Protocal. Save the settings and turn off the Radio.
2. Insert a fully charged battery in the x68T and connect the power, the LEDs will start blinking.
3. Turn on the T8SG and allow the auto-bind process to complete (3 second count down).
4. The x68T LEDs will go solid on and you are now ready to fly!

To setup Acro and Self level modes please see the video below.


Model: Jumper X68T
Size: 65mm (Motor axis to Motor axis diagonal)
Weight: 22g (without battery)
Motor: 6mm Brushed
5.8ghz Video transmitter and Camera
Battery: 3.7v 1s 300mah Lipo (Included)
Flight time: 4 minutes
Charger: USB Included
Protocol:  2.4ghz Bayang (Binds with Jumper T8SG)
Radio: Pocket size Mode 1 or 2 (RTF only)


Compact size (65mm from motor to motor diagonally)
Simple to setup
Easy to fly
Includes USB charger and Battery
Built in FPV camera and video transmitter
Ready to FPV with any 5.8ghz goggles or monitor