The Jumper Nano-Lap IR Lap Counting System is a simple plug and play IR lap counter for Mini drones and cars. Idea for Whoop and Mini drones or Mini-Z car tracks. The Nano-Lap features easy USB plug and play setup and can be run directly from a Laptop computer without the need for external power supplies.

Available in two versions the Nano-Lap system can be used with battery powered stick on IR transponders or transponders powered directly from any spare channel on your models receiver or power source.

The Nano-Lap lap counting system is fully compatible with Zround, a free-to-use lap counting software suite, and can be setup in minutes. Simply connect the Nano-Lap system to an available USB port and your race event is ready to get serious!

Checkout ZRound


IR Receiver – USB Compatible
Power: 5v from USB
Sensor Range: 1.8m@5v
Gate Width: 60cm

IR Transponder – Battery Powered
Power: CR1632 Battery (Sold separately)
Sensor Range: 1.8m@5v
Weight: 2.8g
Size: 23.5x21x8mm

IR Transponder – Battery Powered
Power: Spare Receiver Channel (5.5v)
Sensor Range: 1.8m@5v
Weight: <1g
Size: 11x8x4mm


Compact and easy to transport and setup.

Low cost solution for small clubs and events.

Simple stick on Transponder option.

USB plug and play setup.

No external power supply needed.